The Crew

Will McKnight, SV Coco


Hey guys, my name is Will and I’m 17 years old. I just celebrated my birthday in Beaufort, South Carolina. I was born ‘n bred in Pennsylvania. I love to surf, fish, read, skateboard, create YouTube vids, and jam with my bros! I love the ocean and hope to join the Coast Guard someday. I’m always looking to help out around the boat. Raising the sails, dropping the anchor, navigating our course, you name it… I guess you could consider me CoCo’s first mate!

Petey McKnight, SV Coco


What’s up guys, Petey here. I just turned 15 while sailing across the Pamlico Sound (OBX). I’m the Capitan of Ripple (our dinghy) and I enjoy whipping my bro’s around on the wake skate. I’m also the tallest onboard so that comes in handy when packing the sails. I love snorkeling, exploring reefs, and playing any musical instrument… ukulele, bongos, harmonica, and especially the guitar. Someday I hope to become a rockstar! I’m looking forward to sailing through the Bahamas again but stoked to see some new islands too.


Sup guys, my name is Ethan and I really enjoy living aboard our catamaran and seeing new places every day. I turned 13 while in the Bahamas last May. I love playing the piano and have started to play the ukulele this year. I also love to draw and I created our CoCo logo! Someday I hope to run my very own restaurant n serve breakfast all day! Swimming with sea turtles was one of my favorite memories from the Bahamas. My goals this year are to swim with dolphins and hold a monkey.

Vicky McKnight, SV Coco


Hey there! Thanks for following our crazy crew on our sailing adventures! We are thrilled to have you onboard. My name is Vicky and I love  a pretty sunset, the sound of the ocean, the smell of coconut, the wind in my hair and the taste of rum. My world revolves around my boys. I’m married to my best friend and high school sweetheart, Pete. We met at 16 yrs old and have been falling for each other since. He’s the rock to my roll and there’s nothing we can’t do when we work together. I was born in Michigan but have lived most of my life in Pennsylvania. I’ve been a stay at home Mama from day one but have always found fun ways to add some income to the household. I absolutely love living in the moment and sailing this big, beautiful world with my little family. Life has been an incredible adventure…. I can’t wait to see where tomorrow takes us!

Pete McKnight, SV Coco


What’s goin on guys, I’m Pete. I’m usually squeezed into a tiny space fixing something on our boat but I thought I’d take a quick minute to introduce myself. I grew up on Long Island, New York before moving to Pennsylvania n spent most of my life in the ocean. I enjoy surfing, carpentry, reading, skateboarding, and just started sailing a few years ago.  I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of learning something new. I got my pilot’s license at the age of 19 and began teaching flight lessons. I flew for a local radio station reporting traffic as well. As our family grew I knew I wanted to have more time with them so I went back to school for my Master’s degree and taught high school science for about 10yrs. I enjoyed teaching but also found time to start my own home remodeling business. Eventually we decided it was time for a new adventure and here we are!